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Brief Introduction
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Introduction to the corporation

NORTHWEST ELECTRIC POWER CONSTRUCTION NO.4 COMPANY (hereinafter call NEPCC4)belong to China Energy Engineering Group Co., Ltd.The company could undertake the engineering on the power,electric network,wind power,civil work, Highway and Bridge work ,oversea engineering, Coal chemical industry & recycle economy engineering, Clean Energy Engineering, Green Engineering,blasting, erection ,steel structure work on turnkey contract. And NEPCC4 is qualified as the first class general contractor for the civil works,professional contracting first grade qualification in electric power construction,professional contracting second grade qualification in municipal and utilities engineering, professional contracting first grade qualification in power transformation,foundation treatment,earth and stone working & hydraulic dam engineering; professional contracting second grade for premixed concreted working,holding the qualification to contractor overseas projects.

NEPCC4 adheres to the policy that "Sincere service & Winning Top-ranking Enterprise", with such a target of "Creating fortune,Repaying society,Satisfying client,Enriching employees" and following the professional spirit oriented that "Do a engineering, As a milestone,Make a friends, open a market." Since 1952,NEPCC4 has take part in construction of 80 large & middle scale power plant. The total installed capacity over 14,000MW;40 constructed 750kV transformer station , 200 Industrial & Civil engineering reached. Its main operational work areas over 20 provinces of China,and including Indian, Kuwait,Cambodia. In the past years, we received 2 pieces awards "Luban Prize", 3 pieces "Silvery Prize" of national,15 pieces "High-quality Prize" from Electric power industry, 10 pieces "High-quality Prize" from State Grid,11 pieces? "Civilization work site" and 3 pieces "New Technical model work prize"... and more over 60 pieces awards.




ENERGY CHINA NEPCC4    Address:1198,Fangjian Road,Xi′an,710038,Shaanxi,P.R.China
Tel:(029)83582000 Fax:(029)83582288  陕ICP备05000506号
All rights reserved:ENERGY CHINA NEPCC4
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